Green Coffee  has multiple health benefits (when it to be consumed in moderation), but one of its major drawbacks is, it stains your teeth. If you’re looking for a healthier way to get your boost in the morning, consider switching to GRECOBE- The Green coffee! Not only Grecobe gives you a good start the day, but it can also be for your healthier teeth and better oral health – check out the reasons.



  1. Preventing Tooth decay

GRECOBE is enriched with more than 50% of Chlorogenic acids which controls the level of bacteria & lowers the acidity of plaque and saliva. Studies are still being conducted and with no conclusions. It is suggested that drinking GRECOBE- The Green coffee could help prevent cavities, tooth decay, and reduce the incidence of gum bleeding.

  1. Gum Health

Green coffee has been shown to help fight and control inflammation, and these powers seem to help control gum disease as well. Japanese studies have shown that those who drink green coffee on a regular basis have healthier gums than those who don’t, and a German study using candies with green coffee extracts drew similar conclusions.434

  1. Less Tooth Loss

When a substance can help prevent cavities and gum disease. It’s only natural to conclude that tooth loss is reduced as well. In fact, studies showed that those who drink one or more cups of green coffee every day. They are likely to keep their natural teeth than those who didn’t!

  1. Controlling Cancer

Green coffee contains antioxidants which help protect cells against damage and prevents the growth of cancerous tumours. At the University of Texas, extracts from green coffee were given to test subjects with pre-cancerous lesions in their mouths – the conclusion was that the growth of these lesions into oral cancer was slowed.

  1. Fresher Breath

It has also been suggested that green coffee can help make your breath fresher. Because of its ability to kill the bacteria that makes it stink. In fact, studies have shown that it outperforms mints and chewing gum in this regard!