Of the Type 2 Diabetes affected patient that received the treatment, 89% reported positively. Fenfuro is an innovative product (protected by 7 international patents) involving separations of active ingredients from the natural plant without affecting chemical properties of the active fractions. It has been clinically evaluated to prove its safety and efficacy. Efficacy conclusions  …

Top 5 Diet Mistakes For Healthy Glucose Level

Diabetes You see a lot in the news about the supposed best and worst diet plans. Media folks typically rank diets for taste, amount of weight loss, safety, and nutrition quality. Results vary. But what I want to talk about are the common mistakes I see people making when following popular diet plans. I’m not saying these plans are necessarily bad (or good), but I want to point out some of the unhealthy mistakes people make when they “go on a diet.” Here are some I see frequently in my patients: