FUROSLIM Irvingia gabonensis is a novel seed extract of the West African plant. Irvingia gabonensis supports healthy metabolism and energy expenditure, healthy level of adiponectin & also supports body in subduing carbohydrate absorption.

The Irvingia gabonensis extract is prepared from the seed of the African mango, which has also been called the “bush mango”. The seeds have been used by tribesmen in Africa as a means of suppressing hunger when running long distances. Not only it helps to suppress their hunger and appetite when travelling, but it also gives them more energy to be able to run and travel over long distances without tiring.



Each Capsule contains 150mg of IRVINGIA GABONENSIS Extract.

Serving per pack-  60 capsules
Serving size-  1-2 capsules
The product is not for instant results and it is advised to continue for atleast 10 weeks

  • No known side effects
  • Convenient packaging
  • Natural plant extract

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